Thursday, September 27, 2007

the rabbit hole

Well, here I go ... down the hole. And my life may never be the same.

This is my attempt to muse, ponder and finally write out all the things that torment me a daily basis -- namely all things relating to money and my frustrated relationship with it.

I plan to have fun with this adventure and hopefully I get to learn more about myself, get to process my dysfunctional monetary relationship and maybe get the opportunity to know other people -- if they care to join me on this crazy blogging ride.

So let's go ... and may we all end up at the best tea parties!

molly gras


Jeni said...

Make mine either "iced" tea or hot coffee for the party! Ready to roll?
Let 'er rip!

Jeni said...

Oh- and I forgot to mention, I already have my Million bucks spent -when I win the lottery ya know -big old Winnebago that will be purchased as soon as the mortgage is paid off. Priorities, ya know!

molly gras said...

I'm saving my detailed list for a future post ... so stayed tuned :)


Dave said...

Welcome to an official presence on the 'net.

Hedy lives in metro Chicago, Mom and Da live in Michigan.

molly gras said...

Dave -

Thanks for keeping me straight here. I just love having a "geographical state of mind" when reading and thinking about my blogging people.

I truly am a big fan of your site. Thanks for the visit.

PS - inquiring minds would like know ... are you ready to become a Phillies fan?! :)

(just a little cheek from the daughter of a diehard Braves fan!)

Dave said...

I converted three days before the end of the season when we were mathematically eliminated. I'm going for Phillies and Cubs in the NLCS, with the Phils winning. Then, I'd like to see them play the Indians, no one would watch. I can live with Boston and the Phils. Just no Yankees.