Wednesday, July 23, 2008

reading, riding, and relaxing ...

and obviously tons of recreating ... with no time for writing.

I've been terribly blog-lite as of late, but I hope that the upcoming grind of tutoring and teaching summer school will motivate me to start writing and conversing with you all again.

In the meantime, (if you can believe it!) I'm off to our special own nirvana--Lake Wallenpaupak--with the boys for the rest of the week ... Pos and eldest daughter are slated to join us over the weekend.

While there (and as long as I can manage it!), I plan to continue reading, relaxing and of course recreating!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

desperation over time ... or with a little wine [take your pick!]

And I quote ...

"Wow, is it possible! You're actually blogging!!"
[Pos verbally flings from the far corner of the living room]

"Yes, smartass! I'm actually taking cerebral synaptic functions and putting them into dedicated keystrokes ... and if they make absolutely no sense ... well, then you can blame the three glasses of red wine I had before sitting down and attempting to be coherent in front of computer!!"

Just know, that some of us can fold laundry inebriated ... can clean up after a dinner party inebriated ... can make love inebriated ... but only the biggest goonbas among us can fool themselves into believing that they can type [spell, use proper grammar, make literary sense, etc.!] while inebriated!!

It's really a damn shame what a little red can do to one's mind!


Thursday, July 3, 2008

lessons learned

I'm finally back ... THANK GOD!

I've never been more overjoyed to get back to my own home, to my own family, and especially back to my own bed!

The delirious homecoming I received from my dog was a perfect representation of how I was feeling when I opened that front door and walked inside.

And because there is SO much to process and possibly blog about, I've decided to do my usual bullet statement summaries of the more salient and memorable moments of my return home:

  • To go home means to drink more (and I'm talking copious amounts of beer, wine, and frozen daiquiris!)
  • There is absolutely NO way to romanticize or minimize the shittier aspects of your culture and heritage ... they're still shitty!
  • I had to go into a smoke-filled, skanky bar to cash my mother's weekly work check: that's how the working poor do it down there.
  • I think I've filled my second-hand smoking quota for six years.
  • I've enlarged my carbon footprint times 25: where I'm from, you can't get from point A to point B in under 30 minutes, it just ain't possible.
  • The kindest and nicest black people there are still treated like dirt (or less than dirt, like they don't even exist at all)
  • Working poor rednecks are some obnoxious sons (and daughters) of bitches.
  • Dealing with crazy relatives (especially during a death in the family) makes you want to drink until you fall down
  • Never count on getting anything (and I mean ANYTHING) from said crazy relatives when it's time to divide up the dead relative's effects; those crazy people think all that miscellaneous shit is their due!
  • I never counted on crying so much (and crying for some of the most unforeseen and emotionally rending reasons)
  • The stupid adage "you can never go home" is bit too pertinent for me
  • I'm constantly astounded by how much control I have and don't have over others ... and it really freaks me out!
  • I'm never, ever more glad to have what I've got
  • I need to practice a more consistent mantra of "I have everything I could ever want; my life is good!"
Well, that's all I got right now. I'm still trying to reenter back into my real life and all the acceptable craziness that that entails.

But stay posted ... I'm sure to do more processing of my trip home in the days to come.