Tuesday, July 15, 2008

desperation over time ... or with a little wine [take your pick!]

And I quote ...

"Wow, is it possible! You're actually blogging!!"
[Pos verbally flings from the far corner of the living room]

"Yes, smartass! I'm actually taking cerebral synaptic functions and putting them into dedicated keystrokes ... and if they make absolutely no sense ... well, then you can blame the three glasses of red wine I had before sitting down and attempting to be coherent in front of computer!!"

Just know, that some of us can fold laundry inebriated ... can clean up after a dinner party inebriated ... can make love inebriated ... but only the biggest goonbas among us can fool themselves into believing that they can type [spell, use proper grammar, make literary sense, etc.!] while inebriated!!

It's really a damn shame what a little red can do to one's mind!



lil sis said...

Well, if that's all when get when you are drunk, stay sober. Drunk ramblings will NOT be an acceptable substitute for quality, soul-searching writing.

lil sis said...

PS - I don't begrudge you the wine at all, by the way. MMMMMM....wine.

molly gras said...

lil sis -
Yeah, well, the only prob was that you weren't here to imbibe with me!!