Tuesday, May 13, 2008


We're back ... and I'm fully back into the swing of things.

Well, sort of.

I'm exhausted and my rather uninterpretable schedule--it's like I never left--has not provided an opportunity to recovery and relax.

For example, right after landing at the Newark International Airport, I'm on the phone with the kiddos ("Hey guys! We've arrived!! How are you all doing!)and we're being hit up with the "please drive me into town" requests! I can't even catch my breath--from the 12 hours of traveling--before starting to stress out about a myriad of timing and maneuverability issues associated with my kids! Luckily, my mom was at the house -- large and in charge!

Upon arrival home, Pos quickly delivers middle son into town, I greet dog (who was absolutely beside himself with joy over our return!), hug younger son and embrace a really tired mom -- they are all delighted to see us again. Piles of travel debris begin filling up the living room; souvenirs, postcards, and travel guides are extracted from various pockets and holds of luggage to be shared and poured over. I wearily walk my dog for the first time in days and eventually I climb into a snugly pair of jammies with every intention of climbing into bed -- sooner, rather than later.

We had Burger King for dinner; it felt a bit ironic!

While I was gone, my mom did the most amazing things to my house. She scrubbed and organized my kitchen and mudroom into a new and better state of existence. She also cooked scrumptious meals -- the leftovers are currently sitting in my freezer waiting to reward my patience! For Mother Day's, I took her out to lunch and then to a fancy trombone concert (the Posaune Decouple) -- the music and the venue was amazing!

Sadly, yesterday, I had to take my mom to the airport for her return trip home. Even though I had an incredible time in France, I didn't get nearly enough of a visit with her. I'm absolutely committed to flying her back up next summer -- I'll get a longer visit; and I just know she'll help me tackle the basement and attic mess sufficiently!

Well, I'm at work (sort of) -- in body, but with a weary spirit. Luckily, my one-on-one charge is on a field trip today at Gettysburg and I'm at loose ends. I'm hoping to do more posting as my energy level reemerges, but more importantly, I'm hoping to get more writing done when my schedule lightens up due to the summer schedule.

Best to you all ... and most importantly, keep on posting!


Jeni said...

Welcome Back! And, apparently you both had a great trip too -from what I read on Pos's blog and verified on yours now.
Just ease back into regular life and savor the vacation as long as you can.

Hedy said...

Welcome back! We missed you! Was your Burger King/ironic thing due to Pulp Fiction? Cracked me up completely. Glad to hear you're well and looking forward to details/highlights from your trip. :)

Posolxstvo said...

H -

We would have had to have done McDonalds and gotten a Royale avec Fromage.

We saw several McDonaldses in France and I was tempted but resisted. I am pretty sure my Dad would have disowned me. As it was, the night we opted for pizza, you could tell he was not happy about the choice.

molly gras said...

Jeni -
We did have a fantastic trip! I'm just having a difficult time getting my feet back under me (so to speak!). And as far as savoring memories is concerned, I'm finding myself daydreaming and reminiscing alot more since I've been back. -- Tres bien!!

Hedy -
Great to hear from ya -- yeah, and Pos summed up our ridiculous need for fast food nicely; however, I'm in major withdraw for one of their delicate and absolutely delicious salads -- I have no idea what kind of lettuce they have there but every time I had one with dinner or with cheese, they were always so delectable! C'est bon!!