Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Wowzer! What a storm!! Here's an incredible clip of the damage that occurred in this quaint little town where I last had permanent roots in Louisiana.

And here are some great pictures of trees gone topsy-turvy on top of people's residences and all sorts of other amazing pics (be sure to hit the caption option to read where the pictures were taken and what they are). It's kind of freaky to easily recognize so many places in those photos.

On a more personal note: I have been in touch with the folks down there. Besides having a lot of limbs and trees down and some roof leakage (lil sis had a total of three trees come down on her driveway and take out a vent in her roof), most of my family fared rather well. The final verdict is still up in the air because my cell phone contact with them is sketchy at best. All of them are without electricity and aren't expected to get it back for days.

Hopefully, for their sakes, the debris clean-up and electric line repairs go fast and so that they can be back on their feet before the next LSU football game.

But--what with this being Louisiana and all--I doubt it!!


Jeni said...

Thank goodness this storm was not as severe as Katrina was but still, when one is without power, water and the like and with trees and stuff down all over, it doesn't matter how much stronger Katrina was as it's the one that hit your own area that matters most then. Hope they get things up and running quickly and just thankful your family fared fairly well through all this mess. One more reason, in my book, to stay put in central PA and contend with the occasional snow storms and/or blizzards that hit here.

Dave said...

As long as Harrah's is up and running a week from Friday, I'm happy.

molly gras said...

Jeni -
I'm with you; I'll take snow storms over hurricanes any day!

Also, lil sis is back online and I received some pretty awesome pictures that I'll try to post real soon.

Dave -
I think you may be in luck ... just as long as the casino can manage to locate enough essential supplies to accommodate out-of-town guest gamblers (I hear some areas are still struggling to maintain basic levels of food and gas supplies due to the roadway messes).

But good luck nontheless!

lil sis still rockin' it in LA said...

First, the bad news - - the LSU/Troy game has been postponed until November!! We are not a happy campers in Baton Rouge...But, don't worry the tailgating will resume!!

Now, the good news, the Louisiana branch of "Molly Gras-dom" is all a-ok! And, my electricity came back on today (Thank you!! Thank you!! Thank you!!)

Now, I must rant - I have read comments (on USAToday, actually)from some folks who would disparge people who choose to live in the South near the coast and subject themselves to the possiblity of hurricanes. Some commenters indicated that we were basically stupid and did not deserve empathy or help from the rest of the country because of this decision; that we should have been better prepared; that we shouldn't be surprised by the damage this storm caused here in Baton Rouge.

To all those people, I say kiss my lily-white hiney! You obviously have NO CLUE about what really does happen down here.

First of all, what happened in Katrina 3 years ago was completely different than what happened here in Baton Rouge. The flooding in New Orleans occurred AFTER the hurricane. Ineffective planning and leadership, a group of people who have been trained not to provide from themselves - - these are the true root causes of all the death in New Orleans - - not the hurricane. People somehow think what happened in New Orleans is all that happened during Katrina. It wasn't.

Secondly, Baton Rouge was "surprised" and stunned by the ferocity of Gustav because Baton Rouge is far enough inland that hurricanes (which generally lose strength rapidly once the eye crosses onto a land mass) is a pretty good distance from the coast. We very, very rarely have such strong hurricanes hit. Baton Rouge and our government officials were prepared (mentally) for a hurricane of a force which usually hits Baton Rouge. We were stunned by the 100 - 90 mph winds.

Third, the majority of people in this state have not cried "I'm a victim!" or "It's a conspiracy!" My family and every other person I know was as prepared as we could be for the major storm we knew was coming our way (generator - check; bottled water - check; large amount of cash - check; non-pershible foods - check; full propane tanks - check; batteries - check; etc, etc, etc.) My family and the majority of people I know have not asked for, nor do we need, help from outside sources. We are fortunate. But, this storm was so severe, there are people who just didn't or couldn't prepare adequately. Those people do deserve and need help.

Fourth, our local, state and federal governments got it pretty right this time. There were a few snags. But, nothing of the magnitude of order of Katrina. I personally believe the leadership shown by our governor, Bobby Jindal, and local mayor, Kip Holden, has been exemplary. They have done the right things. Resources have been available as quickly as possible.

Finally, this hurricane, for Louisiana, was very nearly as devestating as Katrina and Rita. Approximately 75% of the state was without electricity. The cost to business, people's well-being, property, infracstructure is going to be enormous in the end. But, so far, only a few people have lost their lives - - not from poor planning but from falling trees.

So, what's the point of my rant, hurricanes are a part of life in Louisiana. We know that! We aren't whining about the damage and chaos created. We are asking for empathy and help when our resources fall short. There have been plenty of good people who have provided this. To those who call us whiners, I hope one day you don't have your world turned upside down due to events out of your control. I hope you don't have to fear for the lives of your small children and your loved ones during a wretched storm. Unlike my dear sister, I love living in Louisiana with all its warts and problems (it's just TOO COLD where she lives!). My family has had offers to move to many locations across the country. But, we'll stay here, thank you very much. So, don't judge me for my decision. Don't call me a whiner. You don't know me. You don't know Louisiana.

Oh, and Dave, I'm pretty sure you'll be good for your trip to New Orleans. There was no real damage there. And, may I suggest eating at the Pelican Club Restaurant in the Quarter (312 Exchange Place) one evening. The Seafood Martini and Trio of Duckling are TOO DIE FOR!!!! Simply fabulous!