Tuesday, December 4, 2007

slow and sure insanity

I am absolutely positive.

I'm going crazy.

In addition to feeling like crap, every time I try to sit down and attempt to write a post, I have to hop up and see what the puppy is into. I've pretty much given up on the pine green upholstered chair sitting in our living room -- let him chew it up if it gives me ten minutes of peace.

And bodily functions, I'm sick to death of trying to keep track of his peeps and poops every minute I'm home. He's already peed at least five times and pooped four times on my watch in the house and it's only been two and half weeks!

The kids try -- when they're home. The husband's a real trooper -- when he's home. However, I'm a guilt-ridden, house-bound nutjob with a (probably typical) puppy that's pushing me to the edge.

Even though this may not be as bad as sleepless nights harboring sore and cracked nursing nipples -- it's getting pretty damned close!

I wanted so bad to write about the drama of my fourteen year old getting her contact lenses last night ...

Couldn't. Had to freeze my butt off while waiting for one of the dog's innumerable bowel movements to occur.

I wanted to post an inquiry to you all, my blogging pals, about writing styles and ask you questions about how you deal with plagiarism

Couldn't. I had to clean up yet another doggy mess.

I wanted to chat about this morning's MarketPlace report regarding the U.S. economy and how the Europeans are flipping out about it.

Couldn't. I have to retrieve large fluffy stuffing from out of my puppy's mouth.

I wanted to post a nifty little poem about autumn and the endless chore of leaf raking.

Couldn't. Damned dog has figured out how to knock over the safety gate and bust through to the other side.

I desperately want to indulge in this mentally liberating activity of thinking, writing and sharing ...

But I can't ...
because my brain can't form coherent thoughts when I'm always worrying about the dog.


Jeni said...

Think of it this way, in 3 years, he'll be of legal dog age (21) and should be beyond the pee and poop problems at least by then. Just like kids -this too will pass. No pun intended there.

molly gras said...

awww, but what a great pun!

Thanks so much for the wonderful and supportive words - you're the best.

Hedy said...

Hang in there. It gets better. Soon enough you'll be wishing for the days when Max was a tiny, messy little puppy. More pictures, please!

Dave said...


molly gras said...

I know, call me a research geek ...

Long story short, it has everything to do with this bunch of nose-picking middle schoolers I work with who haven't a clue how to write a book report or piece of persuasive writing without knowing if they've plagiarized or not.

Pretty sad, actually.

I'll try to post on in in the next day or two.

In the meantime, I need to jump up and see what the puppy has gotten into now!

Big Momma Pimpalishisness said...

That's why I have a cat. I'd rather clean a litter box any day than stand out in the freezing cold waiting for someone else to finish pooping.

molly gras said...

You know, big momma, you're really onto to something with that waiting for the poop to happen business.

I'd love more than anything to teach my dog how to use the commode.

wouldn't that be awesome!