Saturday, December 1, 2007

I hab a coldt

pardon me while I blow snot into a tissue

oh rats! some landed on the screen.


I live in an infected house.

and I'm the last to be infected.

I'm sorry

mothers shouldn't get sick.

surely there's a dictate or universal law

prohibiting said state of maternal illness.

therefore, which lawmaker should I lobby

to make official

a decree

protecting moms against

possible germ invasions.


Jeni said...

Well, considering you too live in Pennsylvania - state of no reasonable response from the legislature - I wouldn't figure you'd get them to do anything along those lines. Unless you can get them to tie it in with the piece they passed about making the Penna. Polka the state song -or if they can figure a way to grant themselves a raise from it in the process - then you could probably get some action in Harrisburg. Bunch of fools there, ya know!

molly gras said...

hmmmm ... Jeni you may be on to something here.

For every documented case of a mother being protected from coming down with the funk, a yearly ten dollar raise will be made available for the legislator promoting that piece of "anti-ill" legislation.

I'd vote for that :)

Dave said...

Pos, start picking up the poop.

Posolxstvo said...

Hey, I am a super pooper picker upper.

Hedy said...

Feel better, Mrs. Pos.

Mya said...

Get well soon!

Mya x

molly gras said...

Dave, Hedy and Mya -
Thanks so much for the lovely thoughts sent my way. I'm currently in the laryngitis-phase of this cold (much to my family's delight!) and find it very frustrating that I can feel so crummy and be unable to tear around the house like a shrieking banshee.

Life is really not fair.

However, I thank you all for the lovely Get Well wishes :)

Big Momma Pimpalishisness said...

Most of the illnesses in this house skip right over the kid and go to me. I figure it's probably all part of the sacrifice of being a mother. I take the sick so he can stay healthy. Sigh.