Monday, November 26, 2007

foggy -- *ribbit *ribbit

[an inside joke between me and my daughter!]

Today we had some major wacky weather in the burbs of Philly: a torrential downpour followed by some seriously spooky fog that lasted ALL day. I felt like I was living in Monterey, CA again.

I really don't know how people manage to drive around in that visually impairing stuff -- it's like trying to navigate through a Lord of the Rings movie set. However, while driving around with my son, we noticed that the oncoming cars and their obscenely elongated headlight beams were like an optical illusion -- as they were coming up over the hills, and i
n a blink of an eye, it looked like they were driving into an underground tunnel and then quickly resurfacing again. It was made even eerier with the ethereal lighting effect originating from the dense fog. That feature of the fog was kinda cool.

Regardless of cool visual effects, I'll be happier with better driving conditions tomorrow.


Jeni said...

We had rain here all day today too and tonight, I think we may have had a thunderstorm too! I fell asleep early this evening but woke up when I heard this deep rumbling sound -didn't see any lightning and no loud booms - just the rumbling noise and some heavy rainfall too. It was not the ideal day for the first day of buck season either so the son-in-law wasn't all that happy about the weather today.

molly gras said...

tell your son-in-law "Bummer, dude".

And according to my husband (and to many others who were also watching the game), the Pittsburgh Steelers game in Pittsburgh was an absolute mud bath.

Gotta love these PA autumns!

Mya said...

Living in the Pyrenees, you get a lot of fog - or low cloud. You can drive out of a thick pea-souper, two hundred yards down the mountain into brilliant sunshine. I love it!

Mya x

molly gras said...

Your landscapes must be breathtaking. My husband and I are toodling over to France next year and are staying in the town of Salet. I'm not sure if that's in your neck of the woods, but I do hope we get to experience some beautiful vistas as we careen around the countryside in a small rental car. We'll see ...