Thursday, November 8, 2007

newest arrival

no, I am not pregnant (Thank the Lord)

But we are increasing the size of our family by one. I’m finally allowing our family to get a dog. I mean getting a dog -- this is huge! The fact that my children’s persistent begging, pleading and whining--pitted against my cast-iron will of resistance—winning out simply shocks me.

You should all know by now—via my sporadic, inconsistent, abbreviated, manic postings—that we’re crazy busy people. We are perpetual motion folks. I’m constantly donning the “Mom’s Taxi Cab’ hat in order to run the roads for my kids. I barely have time to scrub a bathroom much less scoop dog poop.

What the hell am I thinking!

I’m not thinking. That’s what.

Fatal error in judgment -- I held the puppy. That’s all it took. He is so cute, soft, fluffy, and adorable. He’s got the stubbiest little legs and the sweetest little face. He looks just like his mama and she’s such a lovely dog.

And my kids are to the moon with excitement over getting this puppy. The eight year old can barely contain himself.

But then the doubts and terrors start to take hold …

What about the vet costs?

What about the cost of accumulating stuff (i.e.: the crate, dishes, toys, leashes, collars, etc)?

What about the smell? The mess? The destruction of personal (and not so personal) property?

What about the HUGE lifestyle change that has to take place?


But then I remember. He is just so cute. I’m compelled to visit him everyday until we’re allowed to take him home. My kids are so happy. I’m pretty happy too. And he is just so cute.

This is very similar to what I went through before deciding to get pregnant.

And so far that’s turned out pretty good.

Maybe this will too.

We’ll see.

I’ll keep you posted!

$$wishes: to be able to budget for a professional pooper scooper
$$sins: slow down on new puppy purchases – he’s not even in residence yet!
$$goals: buy puppy chow in bulk – more economical


Posolxstvo said...

you forgot to tell them -- his name is Max.

Maximillian Sonicovich

Hedy said...

YAY! Puppies are GREAT! Here's how I talked Jim into getting Gromit 7 years ago: I told him I would be responsible for picking up the piles in the backyard. I can count on one hand how many times I've actually done it. :)

Posolxstvo said...

Hedy -- you two both work. Please assure Molly that two working people can be responsible puppy owners. She's a bit worried about that aspect.


Jeni said...

My kind of puppy, Molly! Looks so much like my favorite mutt that I got way back when -spring of 1958 actually -and he was by far the best, sweetest, cutest, nicest, moving lovable mutt ever - I still miss him!
Working and adding a puppy to the mix -well, I can tell you from past experience it can be done. The vet thing was a really tough one for me because I couldn't even afford medical treatment for myself or my kids much of the time (no insurance ya know) but we managed and when things were needed, found ways to get the stuff for the animals we had. The last dog my daughter and I had was the disaster dog of all time mainly because of my work hours and my daughter's work plus class time left not nearly enough time to attend to him so as a result, a lot of stuff had to be pitched in the trash over time. But we eventually got things on a more even keel -just takes time, lots and lots of patience, finding hiding places a puppy can't possibly get in to helps as well - yes, a lot like having toddlers around again ya know!

Hedy said...

You can do it! Although I must confess that when Grom was a puppy I was 'working from home' part time and going to school part time, so I was home a lot with him. Don't do that. All it did was set unrealistic expectations with Gromit and I swear he's never quite forgiven me for going back to work full time once school was done. As long as you crate Max (great name, by the way) he'll be fine on his own during the day. With your kids to share in the dog-related chores, he'll be a wonderful addition to your family. Every kid on the planet should have a dog. Can't wait for more pictures - he's a little cutie.

molly gras said...

Hedy and Jeni -

Thank you both for such wonderful words of encouragement. It really means a lot!

And I would have responded sooner ... except I'm having a terribe time typing out comments one-handed (holding puppy in my lap is now my new pastime -- I simply hate fussy babies!)

Dave said...

Max looks suspiciously like an indoor small dog. My confession, they are better than cats. I grew up with Labradors, manly outside animals.

I'm not going to look up the patronnymic of Sonicovich, oh yes I am, I'll be right back.

I'm back, he's named after his grandfather? Or, does the "ico" in the middle lead to a different result. Remember, I invented Pos as the result of this problem.

OK, I'm wrong; but, sonico in a Russian to English translator results in соницо. I quit.

Posolxstvo said...

Dave --

The father is named Sonic. the -ovich / -evich ending is added to the father's name to form the patronymic.

So, your kids (male only) would have Davidovich (as in Lolita Davidovich, the actress, FYI) as their patronymic. The female patronymic is -ovna / -evna, so that would yield Davidovna.

Dave said...

So is Max маленький?

molly gras said...

Dave -
Whatever the Cyrillic spelling may be, he'll always be Maxie boy to me!

Thanks for popping by and checking out the pics of our new baby :)

Posolxstvo said...

Dave --

He is indeed "malenki." He will always be a bit diminutive, if his parents are any indicator.