Sunday, January 6, 2008

why I want that million - part 1

Not for more stuff. I can barely manage the stuff I have. Besides, if I bought more stuff I’d have to get a bigger house. Then I’d be forced to dive into the nightmare that is the current housing market; and that scares me – a lot. But my dream (with lots of money) would be to invest in personal services, the generation of creative ideas, and to experience exciting opportunities.

Here are some of the ways I’d spend all that money:

services: twice-a-week maid service, aforementioned laundress, on-call contractor for significant home improvement projects, pre-prepared healthy meals, weekly chiropractor visits for my entire family, yoga lessons, tennis lessons, ballroom dance lessons for me and the hubby.

ideas: buy a set of Encyclopædia Britannica, have unlimited access to books, get to go to graduate school, send hubby to innumerable screen writing conferences/workshops, sign up for cooking classes for myself and the kids, attend art classes for myself and the kids.

experiences: trips to Europe and Africa and Australia with the family, a trip to the Grand Canyon with a pop-up camper, tour Universal or 20th Century Fox film studio with my media-loving family, unlimited hockey clinics for my boys, summer outdoor adventure/explorer camps for the kids, numerous overnights in New York City to catch Broadway shows or to simply hang out in the Museum of Natural Science.

Well, that’s a few of the things I wish I could afford. Mostly I daydream about the many trips I wish my family could go on but know we’ll never be able to afford; a version of reality that kind of bums me out. And I’ll write later about the stress and anxiety of simply thinking about the college application process (AKA "how in the hell are we going to foot that bill!"). Double bummer.

Well, if money could grow on trees, I’d sure as hell try to locate me a sturdy sapling.


Jeni said...

Sounds a lot like my wish list too, Kid! Except, I want a Winnebago Wagon RV to travel all over in that puppy with narry a care as to how high the darned gas prices are then either - or food or anything else, for that matter!

Ryan said...

Wow...!! That was an excellent wish list.

Before reading that I always thought I would spend the majority of my lottery winnings on beer and women, and then probably just waste the rest.

I may have to rethink that.

Dave said...

Ryan, fess up. You quit drinking sometime back and you are married for now about a half year. As to the latter, you need to change the profile to substitute "wifey" for "girlfriend."

Molly, go read him, you'll like him.

molly gras said...

Jeni -
How's about you and I team up and combine our good karma points and win us some big lottery :)

Dave -
I love Ryan ... he's on my blogroll. I especially love Ryan when he writes!!!

And Dave, I need you covering the Primaries (so the rest of us complacent Americans don't have to!) ;)

Ryan -
Get out of those camos and back in front of your computer. Besides, you need to give those paintball bruises a chance to heal ;)

Omega Mum said...

This Encyclopaedia business - saw a whole set in a charity ?thrift store day before yesterday - approx 15 dollars. May be a bit out of date, but if you're that desperate. But why, Molly, why?

molly gras said...

I secretly desire to be the female version of a Know-It-All

However, Muchas Appreciato for your savvy shopping skills and keeping me in mind when checking out requested merchandise.