Sunday, March 9, 2008

powerball fever

I tell ya, when those numbers climb up over 100 million, my daydreaming capacity really kicks in!

Currently, the pot's sitting at $230 mil ~ the next drawing isn't until this coming Wednesday.

In the meantime, I'm completely, ridiculously obsessed with what I would do with that money if I were the BIG winner.

~ it's really rather pathetic how I've managed to let this mental addiction take hold ~

anyhoo ...

Suppose the final total were to be up over the current $230 million. And after numerous (and obscene amounts of) taxes have been accounted for, I would then be allowed to take home a humongous cardboard check which would essentially amount to about $100 million dollars, ...

what then?

Well, I'll tell you--because for the past two days this has been clogging my brain arteries and I somehow need to purge this mental demon by posting about it!--by giving you a list of ways I intend to deal with that mountain of cash!

[*ordered according to how each inspiration popped into my head!]

1) Establish trust funds for my three kids; I never, ever want my kids to ever have to worry about money ever, ever (is that enough ever's?!):
= $30 million/$10 mil each

2) Set aside two separate operating costs funds for the hubby and I; I don't want us to have to worry about money ever, ever, ever again (are you all seeing a trend here!):
= $10 million/$5 mil each

3) Preemptively provide for a family appeasement fund -- pay off siblings' cars, pay off siblings' mortgages/buy them houses, set up niece/nephew trust funds (right now there are 13 of them @ $250,000 each):
= $6 million/roughly $3 mil for each side of the family

4) Pay off existing and projected debts -- cars, mortgage, private school tuition for the next 11 years, future college/art school/film school tuition for my kids:
= $1 million

5) Build a new, more energy-efficient, not-so-big house:
= $1 million

6) Establish a family travel fund:
= $1 million

7) Donate to some very specific, personally relevant charities -- our church, our kids' schools, my college scholarship fund [Bread Upon the Waters], my old high school, specific medical organizations, the cancer association, plus a few others:
= $5 million/roughly $250,000-$500,000 each

8) Create The Foundation of Good Causes and the Place Where You Can Follow Your Dream; we shouldn't be the only ones to benefit from this mystical, magical monetary windfall!
= $35 million

9) Invest the rest in a highly diversified portfolio:
= $10 million

10) Lawyers' fees (*Dave, you interested?!)
= $1 million

Wow! I'm so glad I did that! It was rather therapeutic to make "real" that which is imagined.
And besides, you never know ... crazier things have been known to happen; and isn't it clever of me to be SO prepared!!

all I need is that winning combination ....



Hedy said...

What you've mapped out pretty much matches what I'd do, Molly. I only buy tickets when the pot is really high (ridiculous, I know, but I suppose it's ridiculous any time) and I only fantasize about it once I've got the ticket. It lasts a couple days and then it's back to fantasizing about living in Paris for a year. I always wonder what I'd worry about if it wasn't about work/money. I'm sure I'd think of something...thanks for sharing this.

Dave said...

I'll give you a really, really, really big discount off that budget figure you penciled in.

The only lottery fantasy I've indulged in with a couple of friends is that one of us wins one of the really stupidly big jackpots, the winner will charter a 737 to go to Jamaica for a week, rent out a beachfront hotel, hire a few chefs, bartenders, etc. and engage a couple of good bands for a hundred or so of our friends. What could it cost, $250K?

I'll let you know the dates of the trip, just as soon as I set them.

molly gras said...

Hedy -
For $5, and all that big-time dreaming ~ I'd say it's pretty much worth the money (even if I don't win!)
And Paris! Why, that'll be one of my sanctioned trips, with my blogger pal Hedy, for two whole weeks -- the French'll never know what hit'em!

Discount?! Oh no, no, no, nononono ... And as part of your integrity-filled, hard-working efforts, on behalf of the nouveau rich Pos family, you'd be given a week-long, all-expenses paid vacation (with four friends!) to a tropical port of your choice ~ brother, we here at the Powerball Fantasy Commission wish to continue the dream and go forth and spread the wealth!


lil sis said...

Well, since our house will be paid off anyway in about two months, can baby girl and I have shoes? Lots of nice, new, dazzling shoes??? yes, I understand it's a cliche. But, I love shoes. And so does my 15 month old daughter. I just want some shoes!

molly gras said...

lil sis -

TWO MONTHS?!!! I think I'm going to be ill ...

and yes, dammit, I'll buy you and your baby girl shoes ~ loads and loads of shoes! and front-end loaders and bulldozers (the kind you can ride on!) for little boy!!

lil sis said...

OOOOOHHHHHH....I'm so excited!