Friday, April 18, 2008

dashed off excuses from an AWOL blogger

It's officially Spring ...

the flowers are finally blooming, the grass is tall and shaggy, lacrosse/softball/baseball are in full swing

and my house is a disaster.

I never have more than five minutes to sit in front of the computer

or read my favorite blogs

or do Facebook

much less compose a written-worthy thought.

I'm a Springtime slacker

and I know it.

Hedy, Pos, Mya,

thanks for your comments and kind words

and I desperately wish to reciprocate ...

but I must dash.

I'm off to my next unscheduled, chaotic time-wasting outdoors event.


Posolxstvo said...

Folks, "disaster" here is a relative term. Think not "oh my, I wonder if anyone survived" or even "ew, people LIVE like this?"

Think instead "oh dear. It's a bit dusty, and there's a bit of clutter around."

molly gras said...

darling, please do not undermine my attempts to overestimate and hyperinflate the inadequate quality of household cleanliness around here -- if I can't exaggerate here, then where else can I?!

Posolxstvo said...

Sorry. Didn't realize you wuz evokin' a mood.