Tuesday, April 22, 2008

trying to get it all done

and not quite making it!

OK, OK, I know, I've been pretty scarce lately. Well, the thing is I've got this trip coming up (to France, no less!) and it's taking up major space in my brain:

  1. What to pack?/what to wear?/what shoe selections make the most sense?
  2. To carry-on? Or not to carry-on?
  3. [That is the million dollar, too close to Heathrow for my comfort, question]
  4. Trying not to forget the passport,
  5. What kind of itinerary do I leave for my mom (AKA: the big dame to be in charge of kiddos and poochie),
  6. How do I write down all the inane things I do/handle/bombard me/manage to accomplish in a week?
  7. Morning routine: how is my mom going get my brood, out the door, on time, for an entire week?!
  8. Kids' schedules: drop-offs/pick-ups - never the same; after school sports - never the same; various social agendas - ditto; etc.
  9. Making piles/making lists: friends' and family phone numbers, school phone numbers - two sets, doctor's number, dentist number, orthodontist number, health insurance cards, car insurance cards, will information, important papers, etc.
  10. Talk to the neighbors - explain the presence of a solitary, strange lady while the couple is away
  11. The dog? How do I begin to address the issue of my co-dependent dog?
  12. Try not to forget the passport.
  13. Clean my house (one more good time) - my mother can not know the reality of my housekeeping skills; it would be embarrassing.
  14. Have I mentioned the just-barely-house-trained dog?
  15. Have I also mentioned that my mom and stairs don't really mix?
  16. Did I also mention that the only way to reach a grassy surface, you have to tread some stairs?
  17. A dog run - we have to install a dog run before we leave.

Ummm, I know I'm missing something ... But I'm confident that it'll come to me just as I'm drifting off to sleep.


Hedy said...

Fabulous! I mean, it's fabulous that you're going to Europe and once you're on the plane nothing on that list will matter because there's nothing you can do about it. YAY! Have a great time - and you must write about it when you get back! Safe trip!

Jeni said...

I'd offer you some of my zanex to maybe quiet your system down a bit but...I think it's a controlled substance and that would probably be illegal then wouldn't it?
Relax, do the best you can and then go and enjoy the time of your life!

molly gras said...

Hedy -
Thanks for the enthusiastic send-off! I will totally have more than a few exciting things to share once we return -- I'm just hoping I don't do something stupid and forget to pack underwear!

Jeni -
You are SO kind - thank you for your lovely offer. But I think my best bet (and the best reward!) is to imbibe rather liberally once I hit the shores of France -- I'll be my own personal, walking vineyard once I'm ready to return home!

baby sister said...

Deep Breath.....

Bring me back a shirt!