Friday, October 5, 2007

Se ya'll next week

I'm happy to report that I'm abandoning my family (husband and three children) for a girls getaway to the shore. I leave them to their unfolded laundry, piles of dirty dishes, Lego-strafed living room, trashed bedrooms, soccer tournament, homework-loaded weekend.

And I plan to buy Starbucks on my way there :)

$$wishes: a $15,000 - $18,000 windfall from the heavens ... husband needs a new (and way more reliable) vehicle.
$$sins: try not to spend all of the money I'm bringing along this weekend (fat chance!!) because that translates to less groceries for my family for the next two weeks!
$$goals: find a pair of shoes for my daughter's Homecoming Dance ensemble for under $45 (that miracle needs to occur when I get back on Sunday!)


baby sister said...


When you get back, I'll have to call and tell you about baby girl projectile vomiting in my hair!!!

Jeni said...

Ouch -that sounds like an even better reason to run AWAY from home!

Here's hoping your weekend brings you all you want it to do - most particularly the rest but after that, the wishes for a financial windfall! Ok, at the very least, finding those all important shoes!

Ryan said...

I'm hurt and saddened that I wasn't invited.

I'm not a woman, but I can party like a rockstar.

Ok.... I may have said too much.

Mya said...

Hi Molly,
Have a great weekend. Maybe you'll stumble upon a bucketload of cash that someone's just left by the side of the road. It could happen, you know. Then it will be Manolo Blahnik's for the Homecoming Dance.
Mya x

molly gras said...

Baby Sis -
Yuck! Toddlers ... they're such messy little wonders. It's a wonder we survive the raising of them.

Jeni -
*Yes to fabo weekend! Weather at the beach was kickin' :)
*No to a financial windfall; just the ever expected depletion of personal bank account while on vacation.
*Super Yippee to finding shoes for my little girl - a lovely pair of cream-colored, 1940's-styled heels that'll work perfectly with her dress (and more imporantly they were under $45! However, confession time here, I found a pair of black high-heeled slides that were too cute to pass up - they were screaming my name (funny how shoes tend to do that to me)"Take me home! I'll make you so happy!"

Ryan -
My sincerest apologizes for not having extended an invite to you. But more importantly, I'm sorry I didn't invite wifey or Kiley - the wife would have defintely fit in with my gal pals and, well, my girlfriends are just ga-ga for poochies!

Mya -
Sorry, no green-filled buckets to be found. However I did score a couple of awesome bikinis for TEN BUCKS apiece while down there. It's truly astonishing what shopping miracles can be found at the seaside at the end of a season.

Cheers to you all :)