Tuesday, October 2, 2007

there is a higher power ...

and he/she must like coffee.

In a desperate attempt to get a handle on the rest of my day ...

I broke down and headed to Starbucks for a much desired venti iced coffee -- nonfat milk, two Splendas.

So with guilt in my heart and dread at having to fish out my last five bucks from my wallet. I did it. Typical of me -- screw all good fiscial promises.

I justified it, however, by having just endured a thrift store/Halloween costume shopping spree with my 8 year old and knowing I still had a dentist appointment and soccer practice to get kids to, a field hockey game to attend and a high school play practice pick-up and delivery to make before I could call it a day.

[It's 10:00 p.m. -- and I just got home 15 minutes ago].

I really needed that caffeine. And I knew I could easily make more empty promises after a good night's sleep.

So I pulled into the drive-thru. Placed my order and sheepishly drove up to complete my transaction.

"Wow!" exclaims the barista, who also happens to be my lovely friend Katy, "Where'd you find the alien?!"

My son, trying to be all clever and funny, had on his "brand new" Halloween costume in the middle seat of the van and was hoping to get just such a reaction.

"Yeah," I quipped, "I frequently cart illegal aliens across state lines. You should've see the group I had in here last week!"

She laughs, hands me my coffee and proceeds to shut the window and begin taking another order.

"Whoa! Katy!" I shouted through the closed window. "You forgot to take my money," I say while waving my wadded up five dollar bill up to the window.

"Oh, Susie didn't ring you up?"

"Uh, no. I guess there was so much confusion, what with my carting an illegal and all, that she must have forgotten."

"Ah, don't sweat it. Coffee's on the house!"

I must have looked shocked because she simply smiled real wide and waved me off.

And it was in that moment that I knew my Higher Power forgave me my sin and weakness and wanted to give the best gift of all ....

free caffeine!

$$wishes: $150-$200 spending money for my girls' weekend this weekend to Avalon, NJ
$$sins: I'm serious this time ... no more Starbucks!
$$goals: dammit -- I really meant to get to the bank today and deposit that $25 (maybe tomorrow)


Jeni said...

I don't begin to open my eyes in the morning until I have a couple sips of wonderful, delicious hot coffee! It is a mandatory item -without a doubt -in my life. And after the first pot is drained, usually a second pot is running to replace it very shortly. Some days, depending on how late the little grandson has kept me up the night before may even entail a third pot of caffeine. And, if my son is around, there might even be a fourth pot getting made! Yes, we do drink a lot of coffee here - or I should clarify that as being I do drink a lot of coffee.
Cool beans though on your friend giving you a pass on the Starbucks. Sounds like she needs to give you a raincheck too for another one after the night you had! Now, go get some rest! I think ya deserve it.

Posolxstvo said...

free coffee, and you didn't get me any? people have died for less.

Baby Sister said...

Well, it could be worse. As you may be aware, I am no coffee drinker. But, my big sin is chocolate. And, shoes. I spend enormous amounts of Michael's money on both. Nope I don't feel bad. Just fat. With nice shoes.

Your loverly daughter Lili said...

woah, mom, you didn't tell me about that! You did have higher powers smiling on you. Golly, I wish that happened to me... *grumbles*

Omega Mum said...

You made the right decision and were rewarded for it. Treats are essential - and you have a higher power who obviously agrees with the notion. Thanks for visiting my blog earlier.

Baby Sister said...

Dear Lili - Your mother has always had the light of "higher powers" shining down on her!!! Next time we get together (oh, probably when you graduate), I'll share some stories. - Aunt Shannon

molly gras said...

Jeni -
Good heavens lady! You guys make my need for caffiene seem down right puny!

I certainly know what I'm sending my western PA friend for Christmas :)

Pos -
"people have died for less" -- let's think back to all those times you never remembered to bring home the c-beans, bub! Then we're talking about spontaneous combustible death there ole' boy!

Baby sis -
Please, girl, chocolate and nice shoes trump good coffee ANY DAY!

[Oh and BTW - there will be no "story sharing" with my daughter until she's a mother herself. It'll be her reward for providing me with grandchildren -- at the appropropriate time, of course!]

Yo *grumbles* -
don't you have English or IPS homework to get do. You stop lurking around your mom's blog (it's bad for the soul!) ;)

Omega Mum -
You're right. I am very lucky that I have a Higher Power that thinks to reward me in caffiene. It's a brilliant motivator for a slugabed like me! Thanks for popping by and checking out "my place".

TTFN ya'll :)