Wednesday, October 17, 2007

time budget

When it comes to time and money ...

I simply don't have enough.

I haven't had the time nor the energy to read all of my favorite blogs, respond as much as I'd like and my posting rates, well quite frankly, are pathetic.

I'm beginning to see an ugly trend here ...

my chaotic and frenzied life is totally messing with my blogger zen.

And to make matters worse I have to fight, nay scratch, claw and screech my way to get at the computer. I really can't believe I have to justify my well-deserved computer time with an eight year old, for heavens sake. Watching YouTube versions of animated Star Wars Legos just isn't enough of a priority for me.

I'm simply having a hard time with this whole arrangement.

And at work ...

they actually expect me to get something done.

therefore, no blogging.

$$wishes: It's 'charity giving time' -- for those of you who listen to NPR, our local station is having is triennial (sp?) fund drive and I'd simply love to give them loads of money to help fund their great programming.
$$sins: *gulp* spouse and I have a true Starbucks addiction -- I'm embarassed to say how much we've spent in just THIS MONTH ALONE on beans, snacks, and lattes. Let's just say that it'd be enough for a pair of VERY nice shoes!
$$goals: start budgeting and saving for middle son's orthodontics -- it's only a matter of time (more like months before I get the word!)


Jeni said...

Don't 'cha just hate employers who have this requirement called "Work?" Don't they realize that is a four-letter word, often just as dirty too as several others I can think of, just off the top of my head.

It takes me all doggone day to browse through the blogs on my faves list and frequently, it is the next day -that would be tomorrow then wouldn't it? - before I manage to get a post put together and all I do here is cook supper, sometimes wash dishes and watch two little kids or pretty much that's it anyway! This week, I've been rushing through the blogging whenever I can so I can sit back and read the book my older daughter gave me for my birthday - "Nineteen Minutes" by Jodi Picoult, my fave author! Unbelievable story this is and I don't want to stop reading to do anything else!

Baby Sister said...

And, this is, of course, why my blogging aspirations died. What mother has time for themselves???? Heaven help you if you have an outside job - - I haven't shaved my legs or used the bathroom by myself in 3 1/2 years. Reading and writing are long gone fond memories.

But, you simply must keep blogging. I have a state job and I can find some time at work to feed my blogging addiction.