Monday, June 2, 2008

it's not payday YET!!

four days ... and counting ...

and it's really rather unfortunate that I have to fill my van with gas,

and buy groceries,

and buy the obligatory, end-of-the-school-year teachers' gifts,

and listen to my daughter's lament: "I don't have a bathing suit worth wearing!!"

We're also looking down the barrel of the one and only family vacation we're taking this summer ...

traveling down to Tennessee to attend lil' bro-in-law's wedding...

630 miles away.

Did I mention that I have to fill up my van?

and put my dog in the kennel

and pay the neighbor's kid to take care of our outdoor hutch bunnies

and buy enough pulled pork to feed 50+ people

and the fixins to make my mama's world famous potato salad ...

again, for 50+ people.

And can I even contemplate buying a wedding present?

after buying gallons of pulled pork

and filling up my van for the third,

no, make that the fourth time!

Four days and counting ...

until payday.

But alas, within seconds, all that moola will be gone

and I'll have to start counting again!


lil sis said...

I LOVE pulled pork. Mike does the BEST pulled pork in the world!!! It's a shame you can't swing down to Louisiana. I'd get him to make you some. And, you have to, HAVE TO, have yummy cole slaw to serve with it, on nice fresh buns, maybe with some fabulous BBQ sauce. MMMMMMM.....pulled pork. I bet I can get Mike to cook one this weekend.

(Sorry about pulled pork raning above. I realize it wasn't the point of your post. But, obvioulsy, I need pork product in my body.)

molly gras said...

Looks like we're going to cheese out (and when I say "we" I mean Dad and Anne) and order the whole kit and kaboodle while we're down there.

Hopefully it comes close to the obviously orgasmic BBQ experience you get to have at the hands of your hubby!