Friday, October 10, 2008

moms with sticks

My newest obsession ... learning to play field hockey!

Yep, it allows me to run my rather ample behind around while chasing down other moms with their sticks (or dads -- it's a bit of a co-ed thing) while trying to take a very hard ball away. I wear pigtails, cleats, shin guards, a mouth guard, and carrying a rather swanky pink stick ...

And boy can I really pack a mean wallop with that bad boy!

But the problem with learning a new sport as an old lady is constantly experiencing frustration and/or cognitive dissonance between what your brain calculates and the timing of your physical moves.

For example, I would LOVE to look like this when I play on the field (that would be me, in the red):

Pretty fierce and amazing looking, huh?!

But alas, I end up looking more like this (again, that would be me--in red--on the ground!)...

The laws of gravity are harshest for those with ample girth!!

So I must continue with my current crusade to learn this game and get better at it because I absolutely LOVE whacking things with big sticks!

1 comment:

lil sis said...

This looks like a very strange sport. Don't lose your teeth over it.