Friday, October 17, 2008

trekking north

It's that time again ... our semi-annual Ladies' weekend up at the lake.


I plan on eating lots of chocolate, wearing my fuzzy plaid jammy pants and drinking plenty of wine all weekend long! And I don't have to cart anyone else around for the next 48-72 hours!


Dave said...

Pos, get the pizza place on speed dial, stock up on videos and block out a couple of hours for cleaning on Sunday.

Molly, don't read the previous sentence.

Hedy said...

Have fun Molly! You too, Pos!

Posolxstvo I said...

Friday night it was just me and the dog. Saturday night, it was just me, the youngest and the dog.

No pizza. No need for a frantic cleanup. It was all under control!

Unrelated -- my word verification thing says "shtykwud." I think I spent a month there one night...

molly gras said...

Dave -
Thanks for trying to keep the hubby on task ... it mostly worked! I only had an hour's worth of clean up to manage and then I was in bed by 10.

Hedy -
We had a super swell time! I think I gave myself a hernia I laughed so much.

Pos -
You're such a sweetie for letting me "run away" when I can ... xxooxx