Sunday, March 8, 2009

feeling good

and looking tan! That's what a week in Florida will do for ya, boys and girls!

The drive there and back (two days each way -- no small commitment, folks) was bearable and thankfully uneventful. We ate tons of crap food (I don't think I want to ever see McDonald's ever, ever, ever again until time lapses and time crunches force me to darken the golden arches' doorway once again!)

As a family, we bonded, watched a total of 47 1/2 movies and totally trashed the van. We took pit stops in some of the nastiest little gas stations off of I-95 to be found between here and Santibel, FL.

We played with friends, went bike riding, played rollicking rounds of beach volleyball and managed to consume not one but three birthday cakes for my daughter's sweet 16.

We dined in. We dined out. And we certainly dined well.

We played hard. We slugged thoroughly. And we truly enjoyed having no real schedule.

Upon our return, the bunnies were found to be alive and well; the dog was thrilled beyond belief. And I, yes I, am struggling to make my way through 379 pounds of post-vacation laundry before we return to school tomorrow.



lil sis said...

I'm bitter. That's all I got. Bitter. I want a vacation....

Dave said...

And your perspective on the hot tub adventures?

Anonymous said...

I don't think I've watched 47 movies my entire life, but then I hate movies, so..
Tan, fun, bonding, McD's, & gross gas stations. The love of travel.
Live bunnies are much better than the obvious alternative. The larger issues in life are easier to deal with when you have simple family bonding pleasures like this.
New to your blog, stopped over from Dave's. ~Mary

molly gras said...

lil sis -
That's OK hon ... I'll have the G and T's well stocked for your arrival in July. We'll be poolside together in no time!

Dave -
My perspective - rather irritated. First time I was a bit jealous, like what do those brazen hussies think they're doing cozening up to my man in the hot tub! But then Pos was all like they weren't even worth noticing ... they were just very obnoxious and loud! So the second time I was again put out (not jealous) because the second group was just as loud as the first and (upon confirmation) just as unappealing.

However, that being said, I still prefer my man to create his hot tub old fat guy soup sans "foreign" chicks (if you know what I mean)

FrankandMary -
Nice to have you pop by -- what a nice surprise! Yes, I have to admit we're a bunch of media whores in our house and watching roadtrip movies is the only way to convince the kids to commit to a 20 hour van ride ... each way! And the best part of that "forced" family time was truly getting to spend some pretty decent time together when usually we're all traveling in opposite directions when at home. We have very few years before this time too shall pass.