Monday, March 23, 2009

more syrupy reflections

I tell ya, I've been experiencing some pretty amazing confirmations that life is darn good everywhere I turn:

  • All my friends are hale and hearty and for the most part in good spirits.
  • I just got offered an incredible summer position at our local museum running kids' camps from now until I'm probably too senile or tired to do the job
  • My daughter's fund raising efforts have blown both of us away! We have both been incredible humbled by the show of financial and emotional support she has been given thus far.
  • In spite of the intense anxiety-laden news saturating the news lately, I feel like Teflon and haven't allowed any of it to touch my core of optimism (just call me Pollyanna!)
  • I'm physically feeling like I have pounds to go before I can reacquaint myself with my optimal pants size, but honestly, I could care less! I still run three times a week, play field hockey every Monday and can hustle through the school hallways without breaking a sweat.
  • I can find just about anything to laugh about everyday.
  • My kids' antics have me rolling my eyes instead of making want to ship them off to Siberia. I've only just realized that I have less than a decade before (feasibly!) they'll all be gone and living on their own.
  • My husband is still a great guy to be around ... even after 18 years and three kids.
  • I'm really appreciating the "now" ...
So as far as I'm concerned, life is good!


Jeni said...

And those things, all rolled together, would beat winning the lottery, hands down! Being happy and content comes from lots of places and your post just proves that point.

molly gras said...

Jeni -
You're such a great gal! Thanks for the continuous affirmations!!

Cheers to you and all my best :)

The Lil Sis from Hell said...

For the record, I think I threw up in my mouth a little after reading your post.....:)

molly gras said...

What I failed to mention in my original posting was the fact that I was already two glasses into a very nice bottle of Chardonney and for those of you who don't know me ... I'm an exceedingly happy "drunk"!

And lil sis ... that is why you will continue to reside in the land of Hades (you rotten little child!)


Lis Sis from Hell said...

Yes. Yes. Chardonnay does make the world a happier least until the morning after you drank an entire bottle. And, I happen to LIKE Hades!!! Someone has to live here!