Monday, March 16, 2009

headache with a side of encouragement

I'm thinking that seasonal allergies are for the birds ... big, ugly vulture-like birds. You feel like doo-doo and you constantly take medicine in the hopes that you'll feel somewhat normal.

Which is never the case. Until summertime, when the sun can sizzle out all the bad sinus beasties.

Anyhoo. I'm feeling a bit under and slightly stressed and rather silly for feeling either of these things.

But in spite of my pounding/aching head, I did mangage to do some really good things recently: I made an appointment with the dermatologist to check all my suspicious spots, I helped my daughter launch a major fundraising initiative (it's going to be called: "D.C. or bust!"), I had all the friends over for pizza night last week (even though the place was a pit!), and somehow I have no laundry to fold and put away in my bedroom!


Now I just need to refocus my energies and motivate myself to finish reading the six books I've started (namely Hot, Flat, and Crowded: Why We Need a Green Revolution: and How It Can Renew America) and sooner rather than later I need to make a decent stab at storyboarding this 'fiction brew' I've got cooking up in my head ... along with all the other nasties causing my brain to feel likes it's about to pop off!


Dave said...

Can't help you with the storyboarding; but, as to the sinus, move south. I grew up in Michigan and suffered constantly. Then to Miami and now Atlanta. My nose and its associated tissues work properly.

Posol'stvo the Medved said...

The place was NOT a pit. It wasn't perfect, but it was also not a pit.

Just sayin'.

lil sis said...

Sorry Dave...I got to disagree with you. I'm deep south and my sinuses are ALWAYS raging. I think you just got lucky....and, I'm very jealous about that...

molly gras said...

Dave -
I have to agree with lil' sis: You got tremndously lucky! Everytime I go home for a vist during seasonal allergy times, I suffer mightly!

Pos -
You're right, not a pit; just messy around the edges -- with piles of laundry lurking in frightening upstairs places (where our favorite 6 y.o. loves to tuck in and watch movies while we're downstairs drinking, eating and gabbing!)