Sunday, February 17, 2008

slower still

Yep, that's me. Again.

I forgot to express some deeply felt appreciation for another blogger buddy of mine - a lady who's helping to spread blogging love--around the world!--one person at a time, the Energizer Bunny Granma of blogs, Jeni! This gal has a well-attended blog-roll of which she faithful comments to almost daily and she is the keystone of sanity and support for her own little PA family.

I'd love to grab a cup of coffee, sample some of her delicious baked goods and flip through her well-researched genealogy work to better appreciate this great gal. With her level of written enthusiasm and energy, this lady can run circles around me.

Thanks so much for all your wonderful support and comments -- you've been an absolute dear!


Dave said...

Jeni is all that. I think she's bubbly even when she's down.

Jeni said...

WOW! Nice to know I have you and Dave apparently fooled quite well! Organized? Sane? I hope none of my kids comes across your post Molly, or Dave's comments either cause it would cause them to go rolling on the floor for hours, maybe even days, howling in laughter! You may have just given me fodder for a post -and for that I really do thank both of you - along with a big smile and appreciation of the compliments too. Come up and see me sometime - a little Mae West ya know - coffee is always available, baked goods though -I need advance warnings for that to take place! But that would be something I really would like to have happen some day - meet as many of my blogger friends in person as possible.

molly gras said...

Dave -
Absolutely! It would certainly behoove me to take a few pages from her upbeat book!

BTW - nice having you pop by! It seems like it's been a crazy few weeks, hasn't it?!

Jeni -
It would be great to meet a fellow blogger--especially someone as wonderful as yourself!--some day!

We'll just have to keep each other posted!