Friday, February 1, 2008


It's rainy, it's pouring
The old woman is snoring
she went to bed
and bumped her head
And couldn't get up in the morning

It is rainy today. Alot.
No snoring (at least I don't think so - you'd have to ask Pos)
I did get up.
But not to head bumping
but to middle boy puking.
Stomach flu has struck the household - x1
Now I lie in wait for the next household victim.
I expect that one
to come to germy fruition
within the next 24 hours.

I got to blow off work.
Oops! I mean stay home and be nursemaid.
In reality, I surfed the web,
made crushed ice,
and tried to convince the dog that he can make pee-pees in the rain.

I should have cleaned.
I should have folded laundry.
I should have made important lists
of things to do later.
I sat on my big behind
in front of the computer
and read stuff
and pondered stuff.
And passively kept track of the pooch.

It's rainy.
It's pouring.
I think I might look into doing some snoring.


Omega Mum said...

You should be Poet Laureate. You will be Poet Laureate, dammit. It's beautiful, I tell you. I love it.

Posolxstvo said...


baby sis said...

It brings a tear to my eye! Her poetry writing skills are second to none. I'm so proud.

Jeni said...

You mean you folks didn't get hit by this lovely (NOT) freaking freezing rain, misty drizzle, snow, sleet crapola we've had here since last night sometime? Our school district was closed today -so 16-year-old spent the bulk of her day (till about 1:30 this afternoon) in bed! Maya's been zipping about and Kurtis, just being his normal sweet -but often very loud - little self! Both cats have decided to become sweet and snuggly today too but only with Mandy. And I was messing for so long with the computer (see my blog post and tell Pos to read it and send me instructions what to do) that my fingers got cold -like blocks of ice - from not typing, just sitting here with two fingers, clicking and trying to delete, over and over again - to no avail. Finally had to get up and go sit on the radiator with my hands under my behind to try to thaw the fingers out!

molly gras said...

OM -
I'm incredibly honored.

And I can certainly count on you for speech drafting advisement? I need a wordsmith such as yourself to help me create a lasting oratorical impression [however, we'll be leaving shoulder pads and rubber trousers at home]

Pos -
Yes, dammit, alot. I could barely convince the dog to go outside further than three feet from the door -- fear of melting I s'pose.

Baby sis -
Dry your eyes; not actually poetry skills - really just an example of shortened synaptic capacity [I can't think in big long strings - hurts too much!]

Jeni -
No, you guys got the funky sleet mess - we got loads of cold, never-ending rain. I'll definitely have to pop over and check out your conundrum, though. Stay warm lady!

Cheers :)