Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Unbelievable. It's snowing -- not much, but enough to cast the illusion of winter.

Both the older kids stayed home from school: illness -- round two. I'm suspicious it may be strep.

It's kinda nice being home and not having to quickly run out again for some other scheduled, overbooked event. It makes me appreciate those pre-school days when it was all about home and not much else.

So it's a jammy-wearing, tea-sipping, T.V.-watching kind of afternoon -- and no real rush to create "dinner magic"!


Recent announcement at work: one of the current 4th grade teachers announces "adieu" after this school year; full-time position available; anyone in-house interested?

I say, "Does the pope wear a funny hat?!"

I quickly whip off an email to Pos: am I crazy to even consider this?!

It depends on what you want, he replies, what is it about this job that appeals to you?

I respond,

  • The other 4th grade teacher is awesome! A major selling point.
  • The Intermediate Aides are also awesome! They'd totally have my back when things got tough.
  • I love the idea of being in charge of a classroom.
  • I love teaching/learning.
  • I've already been in the "system" for over three years now -- I feel confident I'd figure out how to make things work
  • Would get complete tuition remission for all three of my kids -- through two years of college (if they choose to go to the church-affiliated college)!!

  • I'd have to actively arrange "other" care for my youngest (will be a 3rd grader next year) after school -- that's a tough one to wrap my head around because I've just about always been his after school care.
  • I'd have to plug in many more hours to get this job done -- which gets taken away from family, friends, dog, housework ...
  • I go from grading and writing reports for 3-5 students to about 15-19 students each term
  • I don't have an education degree -- I have a B.A. in psychology from Penn
  • I'd be unavoidably subjected to the political hoopla that is so typically of this kind of school
  • I didn't grow up in this church -- don't really know the songs, the recitations, the subtle themes. I've sorta been lip syncing it thus far.
Well, that's some of the stuff pinging around in my brain/within my life right now. I got lots to ponder and to discuss over the next few days.

In the meantime, I'll go and take my poochie for a stroll in the snow. I'll continue to avoid having to cook dinner. And I'll continue to wish for a much-anticipated snow day for tomorrow.


Hedy said...

What an exciting decision! Best wishes, Molly! :)

Jeni said...

We had a full snow day here today cause it wasn't just pretending to be winter, to spit and sputter a few flakes. It really put it down! We got maybe a foot -at least close to that. Mandy and I are both praying there is school today now though -Wednesday. Maya was home all last week because the pre-school autism program had a mid-winter break or some such, plus the first two days of this week having her here ALL day, for that many days in a row -tiring, just very tiring, ya know. Sounds to me like you have a lot on your plate right now to think over, see what you can organize, re-organize with respect to your kids, life in general and what you want to do with your life. You'll figure it out.

Jo Beaufoix said...

Hope the kids are ok and that you get that snow day. And good luck with the decision. Hope it all works out. :D

lil-sis said...

First comment - I am still amazed that you are now the teacher and I'm the quasi-technical professional (I say quasi- b/c I really don't want to be any kind of proressional). I just knew as kids I'd be the teacher and you'd be the next great CEO or something. I'm glad you went down the "right" path - that is the path that is making you happy.

Second, you would be a great teacher. And, don't you have a nearly 15-year old daughter? Can't she help with small boy situation? And, I think you would be a great teacher!

molly gras said...

Hedy -
Thanks for the supportive thoughts - I really appreciate'em. I'm trying hard not to obsess about it too much. Currently, however, it seems to be occupying about three cylinders of my four-cylinder brain.

Jeni -
*sigh* A FOOT! We got a measly dusting here :( Instead of a snow day, we got a puny late start - but we'll certainly take whatever we can get these winter days!

Jo -
Kids are groovy - sniffly and gacky - but good. Thanks for the cheering thoughts - I'll certainly need them in the weeks to come.

Lil Sis -
First point, regardless of personal adolescent ambitions, I was always the teacher to your student [*remember - in grandma and grandpa's barn; Little House on the Prairie-inspired pretend; I was the interminable Laura to your poor, blind Mary; I was a wicked, merciless task master in "the classroom" back in those days!]. Please, I was born to wreak havoc in the lives of little children in an educational setting!

Second point, Lili is about to turn 15; however, she's typically expected to be at the high school, Monday through Thursday, until 5:30 (due to her sport's team commitments)! I'd need coverage for Dinky from about 2:30 until 4:30-5:00. The timing really kinda sucks. I'm going to have to look into affordable, appropriate, what-I-consider-"safe"-after-school programs.

We'll see ... I'll be traveling into some real uncharted territory here if I get the opportunity to move forward on this.