Friday, February 8, 2008


It has been the craziest week ...

Three high school volleyball games, two hockey practices, one hockey game, one high school Principals Council meeting, one puppy visit to the vet, two boys over for a sleep over, and a myriad of plans/preparations for daughter's Sadie Hawkins dance.


Last week I was posting like a ma'am-a-jamma and well, this week ... nuttin', nada, zippo-roonie! You can never predict these things.

Any-hoo, I haven't been of the mind or the temperament to write anyway -- been a bit crabby and out of sorts. Maybe it's due to this accelerated rate of living. Or maybe I'm grouchy and bloggily non-productive because my house is a Disaster (*please not the capital 'D'), the laundry pile is atrocious, my yard and front porch are mocking me with their undeniable white trash curb appeal.

I appear to be railing against the sloppies, the unkempt, the sloven nature of my personal surroundings. And it doesn't help that the ground outside is mucky wet, the trees and grass are a yucky shade of brownish gray, and there is simply nothing attractive about globally-warmed winters.

What I would like is a lovely, modestly accumulated snow fall -- 8 to 10 inches will do -- to make me happy. My kids would love it (we'd get a snow day!), my poochie would be ecstatic and I'd certainly enjoy a change from this dreary winter venue.

So if we're not going to get a real winter ...

then I say, bring on Spring


Jeni said...

If'n I had my druthers in the winter season, I would much prefer snow over freezing rain, sleet or ice -even if it is a large accumulation. Course a little melting snow with a quick really cold snap right behind it can leave ice in its wake too. I'm thinking here of automotive mobility things ya know. This kind of gray - all-over the place gray -skies to ground -is depressing and downright boring, boring, boring. At least a decent snowfall, followed by a bright sunshine -well a little glare could be a pleasant switch-up couldn't it? Anyway you cut it, I'm right there with you on the "Bring on spring!"

Mya said...

Here here! Bring it on. The skipping lambs, the fresh green shoots of hope, rebirth, renewal - all that crap! I love Spring.

Mya x

Omega Mum said...

Hope the seasons deliver for you. I like a permanent black cloud, myself. Either indoors or outdoors.

Jo Beaufoix said...

Oh I'd love that little bit of snow too. Just enough to build a snowman and go sledging, but not so much that it's dangerous.

But I'm loving the sunshine we've had the last two days, so I'm with Mya. Bring on the spring.

Oh ad thanks for the linky love. I'll add you too. :D

molly gras said...

Jeni -
I'm driven to absolute distraction with this PA winter ...
*warm*cold*warm*warm*cold*cool*lukewarm ...

I don't know how you've endured it for so many years!


Mya -
Spring means I get to reclaim my backyard. Until then, it's a disgusting swamp of oozing turf patches - BLEK!

OM -
For me, not so much black clouds, just partly cloudy with spots of raging, vocal terror. I've received "Psycho Mother of the Week" award twice already ...

and it's only been three days!

Jo -
Snow, snowmen and sledding - throw in some yummy hot cocoa and marshmallows and my current seasonal ennui might magically evaporate.

*smooches and hugs* to you!! And lovely to be linked with you too!

lil sis said...

Okay - I'm responding kind of late. But, are you freaking kidding me, Molly????? You were born and raised (against your will obviously) in Louisiana!!! It was 80 degrees Monday. Today, Wednesday, it is 45 degreees. I LOVE this weather! It helps the fungus in my sinuses grow.

molly gras said...

Lil Sis -
One of the biggest selling points of moving up North was the snow!

I'm here, it's winter, dammit! It needs to snow!

lil sis said...

All I can say is - "FREAK"