Thursday, February 21, 2008


I have been caught up and flung into another web of addiction ...


My sister-in-law emailed me an invite (I said "Yes!") and before I knew it ...

I had 30 friends, 15 FB toys, 11 entries on my Wall, 28 FB emails and 3 invitations to take random quizzes.

I mean this kind of stuff can take over your life. I blew off the dinner dishes, practically threw the 12 yo off the computer chair (when he had every right to finish typing his 6th grade History paper - "But dammit, you're typing TOO SLOW!!," I yowl at him). Snapped at the 8 yo to read his bedtime story to himself. Blatantly ignored the 14 yo's "deathbed wish" for more cups of soothing tea.

It has been Facebook or nothing for the past two days.

And I'm afraid I see no end to everyone's suffer anytime soon!


Iota said...

D'you know, I just can't get into Facebook at all. Not that I want to, you understand, there only being 24 hours a day, but I would like to know what I'm missing out on. Everyone else seems very excited about it.

Mya said...

Facebook is what's making you scratch - I'm certain of it.

Mya x

Omega Mum said...

So is Facebook a known irritant, like Sasha? Or have I got Mya wrong here? Yours, confused of cyberspace.

Posolxstvo said...

Fair warning -- you have five days left of Facebook leniency. Then it's back to the salt mines with ya!




molly gras said...

iota -
It's another terrible ploy by busybodies and troublemakers to keep us hardworking individuals from exercising, making wholesome meals and managing our household affairs.

Oh wait! That's why I joined in the first place ...

mya -
You know what! You may be on to something there! I've noticed a major uptick in itching incidents over the past few nights and to make matters worse, my ass has shown a definite three inch expansion ... three inches over both sides of my computer desk chair!

Omega Mum -
Anything that pulls me away or distracts be from my now numerous internet activities is now considered 'known irritants' -- ask my family!!

Pos -


where's the crocodile, says the Captain :)

Jeni said...

My daughter and the 16-year-old here both have "blogs" on My Space -something that never appealed to me. Much as I like instant messenger, My Space always struck me as a glorified instant messenger thing. I've not looked into Facebook but it sounds like it is a lot along the same lines as My Space so it just doesn't interest me at all. Probably a good thing too since I have enough addiction to just blogging in the regular sense that I couldn't handle another project along those lines.
Better start with the clock watching now too.

Hedy said...

Neil Steinberg's article in today's Sun-Times about his company "requiring" him to be on Facebook. Very interesting. Here's the link:,CST-NWS-stein22.article

molly gras said...

Jeni -
Again, you are dead on. Both MySpace and Facebook are major timesinks and you have to absolutelty LOVE the idea of wasting time to truly enjoy both pursuits.

I hate wasting time ~ even when I'm wasting time!

I really just joined up to stayed connected with my daughter's classmates (all of whom I taught Short Story/Language Arts last year in 8th grade). Other than a few fun adult "pokes" and pithy comments ~ I eventually see the whole thing fading out of preferential favor. But I do love the idea of keeping "tabs" on my clutch of younguns.

Hedy -
Thanks for the link ~ I really enjoyed it. The part that mostly disturbed, particularly, me was the mention of time taken away from mentally profitable reading, i.e., news stories, (for me) blogs and current novels. As it is, I'm a terribly slow reader and I simply can't afford any additional distractions. It's no good ~ my brain hurts when I do that!